About Us

We are a team of surfers and life lovers passionate about making our and your dream happen – freedom, friends, fun, lots of love and good waves in a pristine environment – these are the pillars, which the ERICEIRA CHILL HILL is built upon. While living our dream we are not only thinking of ourselves, but also of our next generation. Therefore it is our goal to support three important matters:

-Portuguese tradition: we want to maintain the precious and unique Portuguese heritage and let our guests know about the history of the country and all the great places and products that are related to it, such as the delicious wines and olives, the multifunctional natural product cork, the famous Portuguese tiles, the beautiful city of Lisbon, the magnifique convent in Mafra, the magical castle-town Sintra and the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park only a stone´s throw away from our beautiful beach town Ericeira and much, much more.

-Positive Social Impact: We are absolutely sure that once good people meet, they will stay in touch and slowly, but surly create a worldwide network of conscious human beings. At the Ericeira Chill Hill we want to support this process by offering a friendly and welcoming location where people can come together and share their ideas.

-Mother nature: We are profoundly convinced that a healthy and clean environment is the key to a good life and a better future. Our goal is to minimize our ecological footprint on the environment. In order to achieve this we try to save resources, like water and electricity and motivate our guests to do the same. We have integrated a renewable source of energy, our solar power system and most of our furniture is professionally remodeled and up cycled. We also focused on using local building material and of course we separate waste at the Ericeira Chill Hill.

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